This is an overview of the possible reports you can get from Inosa.

Documents per folderThe report show the number of documents in the folders and how many documents that are in each status.
Documents per authorThe report shows the number of documents per status per author.
Documents per status

The report show how many (count and %) documents that are in the system per status.

Detailed document listThe report shows a detailed list of all documents in the selected folder. Many filters and choices.
Reading status per department (competence) The report shows the number of users in each department and which reading status they have for the roles and documents.
Reading status per user (competence)The report shows the reading status for users (name) regarding roles and documents.
Reading status per role (competence) The report shows the status per role: how many users have the roles and what is the read status for the roles and the documents.
Role status per user (competence)The report shows the reading status per user (name) per role
Document status per user (competence)The report shows the reading status per user (name) per document 
Reading status for a user (competence)The report show the reading status for a single user (name) and when the use has read read the documents
Reading status for a document (competence)The report shows who (name) has read a specific document and when it was read.
Requirements per role (competence)The report show which role requirements are in which roles.
Documents per role (competence)The report show which role the documents are connected to
Documents not in role (competence)The reports show documents are not in any roles
Documents with reading frequency (competence)The reports show which documents that have reading frequency for which roles. 
Users not in role (competence)The reports shows which users (name) are not in any role.
Role history (competence)The report shos when a user was added to or removed from a role (after Nov 2020)