Document reports (IRS) can be found under the main menu "Reports" and "Document"

This is the main page for document reports:

Click on Week - Month - Year to get the numbers for the specific time frame:

New documents

How many new documents are created in the selected time frame. This also includes new versions of a document.

Click on the number in the report to get details.

Approved documents

How many documents are approved during the selected time frame.


How many feedbacks are given to the documents in the selected time frame. Also includes feedback to feedbacks.

Status - all documents

All documents = total number of documents at the time set. The number of documents with the different statuses are shown below. Archived documents are included.

  • Green = number of approved documents within revision date
  • Yellow = number of approved documents with revision date about to expire
  • Red = number of approved documents with expired revision date
  • In approval = number of documents sent for approval
  • In verification = number of documents sent for verification
  • Under construction (total) = number of documents which have the status under construction. Includes both new versions of approved documents and new documents
  • Under construction (new) = number of new documents (version 1) with the status under construction
  • Archived = number of archived documents

Type - all documents

Counts approved documents per type:

  • Inosa document
  • Uploaded document
  • Quiz
  • Url
  • Message