Document label pattern is the settings for how the document title will appear in the folder structure.

You can set up the document title by these parameters:

  • Document id "{id}"

  • Document title "{title}"

  • Document status "{Status}"
  • Folder name for level 1 in the folder structure "{folder_level_1}"
  • Folder name for level 2 in the folder structure "{folder_level_2}"
  • Label for folder "{folder_short}" 
  • Label for folders and underlying folders "{folder_level_x_short}" (where x=folder level) 

You set the name by using "{ }" 

The folder level 1 is the first level after "All" in the folder structure

To insert a label into a folder, you must first enable the label selection in the variables, and then insert the folder label into the appropriate folder.

1. Activate this in the variables: → variables - document title - add "{folder_short}"

2. Select the desired folder, edit properties and enter the desired label:

You can also include underlying folders. Use "{folder_level_x_short}" to include labels for these folders. 

E.g. "{folder_level_1_short}" will give the same label for all folders from level 1.