Create quiz

  • Select Create quiz

  • Add title
  • Add description (not mandatory)

Edit Setting for the quiz:
  • Random question ON: if you have many questions the system can make a random selection of these in stead of presenting all the questions. Set the number of questions in "Count"
  • Show  answers after quiz submit ON: the system will show which answers are right and which are wrong
  • Percentage to pass: set the limit (%) to pass the quiz by draging the bar.
  • Show weights: You can add different weights to the questions so that some questions will count more than others.

Add questions

  • Add questions by click on the "+"
  • Write the question - maximum 250 characters
  • Select Add answer or Click enter and add the answer options. Maximum 210 characters.
  • Select the correct answer by ticking it off.
  • A question can have more than one correct answer. If it is OK to answer correct on f.ex.1 of 2 correct answers, select "Missed answer allowed"
  • Select weight for the question if you want to weight it
  • Delete a question or answer - trash bin
  • Edit a question: use the edit pen next to the trash bin (hoover the mouse)