You find the reports in the main menu:

To get access to the reports you need to have the correct permission for accessing reports. 

All reports can be downloaded to Excel.

It may take some minutes from a change is done in the system to when a report is updated

In the menu to the left you can choose to choose Document, Competence, Deviation, Action and Administrative reports for more details.

This overview refers to all folders and all departments.

New documents = new documents made in the selected time frame, - does not include new versions of a approved document

Documents read = total number of documents "read and understood" for all the users in the selected time frame

Status - all documents = total number of documents at the time set. The number of documents with the different statuses are shown below. 

  • Green =Approved documents within revision interval 
  • Yellow = Approved documents to be revised soon 
  • Red = Approved documents outside revision interval
  • In approval = number of documents sent for approval
  • In verification = number of documents sent for verification
  • Under construction (total) = number of documents which have the status under construction. Includes both new versions of approved documents and new documents
  • Under construction (new) = number of new documents (version 1) with the status under construction
  • Archived = number of archived documents

Status - all users = the number of all users registered in the system. Archived users are not included.

  • Green users = number of users who has signed for all documents in their roles. Users with role without any approved documents will show as green users.
  • Yellow users = users who has documents to be read within a time limit or have documents waiting for co-signing
  • Red users = users who has document(s) to be read and the time limit is expired.
  • Users with no roles = users without any roles

In all windows you can click on "Week - Month - Year" to get the numbers for the specific time frame: