You can link from

  • Text in a document
  • Symbols
  • Text, arrows, rectangles / circles or X in a picture in a INOSA document
  • Picture in a INOSA document
  • Flow models
  • Symbols

and you can link to:

  • Media
  • Flow model
  • Document
  • Internal anchor in the same document
  • Folder
  • Web-page (URL)

You can  right-click on a link and use the Open link in new tab/window function.

The way of linking is the same wherever you link from:

  • Right click
  • Select the link symbol
  • Add a link to what you want to link to

When you use the search function to find a document to link to, the document ID is displayed in the search result.

In document properties you can see incoming and outgoing links for a document:

Links to symbols are added by administrators.