Use the search function to search for documents. The search function searches in document titles, description field and content.

The full text search uses indexing. A document will be indexed when it is sent for verification. Document under construction will be indexed at night time.

Search field

  • Write search text.
    Suggestions for document titles will appear when you have written 3 letters.
    Search for document id (directly in the search field)
  • Click enter and you will have a list of possible documents
  • Or select the document on the list in the search field and it will open

  • Full text search: write the whole word or sentence you are looking for.
  • The documents that have the keyword the most times, either in TITLE, DESCRIPTION or CONTENT will show first in the result

Advanced search

You can search by:

  • Document id (also for archived documents)
  • Document name
  • Document type (Inosa, quiz, message, file, URL)
  • Authors - start to write the name and a list will appear
  • Verifiers - start to write the name and a list will appear
  • Approvers - start to write the name and a list will appear
  • Status (under constuction, for verification, for approval, approved)
  • Date range to - from for creation of the document
  • Show only shared documents

You can select multiple choices in your search.

From version 3.8: Come back to search

If you search for documents and the go in to the document from the search and then back again, you now return to the search result.